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Well you got two of the good ones then- i'm glad for you b/c that certainly wasn't the case with me. I have to admit though, they do take good pics when they work. I'm not knocking what they can do. I just got tired of the hassle. It literally became a cat and mouse game. I'd have a cam out for 2 weeks and go check it, no pics. take it home and realize the thing was broken. Send it back, wait 2 weeks, get a brand new one, same thing.

I literally got a BRAND NEW one from WGI that they sent to me, I took STILL in the package straight to the field, got out of the truck, took out my knife, opened the BRAND NEW cam, put BRAND NEW batteries in, and a BRAND NEW SD card,, and NOTHING. It would not turn on at all. Needless to say, I was very, very hot. That's when I was DONE. I called one last time (this was about my 10th cam from them) told them the story, they sent me a new one, and up on ebay it went. I do still have ONE WGI cam left that I use. Now, it's my diamond in the rough b/c it's about 4 years old and still takes decent pics. The trigger speed on the thing is absolutely HORRIBLE (i'm talking like 2+ seconds). So I only put it over corn or my mineral licks.

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