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Originally Posted by onehorse View Post mentioned that you have a 30/06.
"Had" a .30-.30 (Model 94 Winchester) which got sold when the kids were small. I miss that gun!!

My intent was to go and get another one, but the ones I saw in the gun stores were just not in the greatest condition, and I wanted a side-eject.

So I changed my focus to the Marlin 336.

I had the 336 in my right hand (new) and the 45/70 in my left.

Having worked for Marlins, I had my prejudices about a "new" gun from that company (at least, the ones made in North Haven, just down the road from me).

The "new" 336 in my hands was made in Massachusetts, (I suspect that "production" was still "piece work" there as well), and the 45/70 had some use (meaning that most likely, burrs and kinks were probably already worked out of the gun). So I chose the gun that was "broken in" over the potential issues related to a "new" gun.

In retrospect, because of the cost of the ammo, and the power of the 45/70, I'd be more comfortable with the .30-.30, and should have chosen the 336.

I've been willing to trade folks.........any takers? Scope included!!


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