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Gun Control

We all know the horrible tragedies that have occurred and im not gonna get into that but i dont know for the life of me how more gun laws and disarming honest people is gonna help.We arent the people committing these crimes and criminals will always get guns.Look at Chicago a murder a day and handguns are banned!Another thing we all need to look at and be honest here. When i was a kid you had maybe one nut in your town who walked the streets. Now my god these poor people are on their own and theirs lots of them.Who's responsible for these people?Then when one finally snaps you blame the gun.Look at that kids picture who did this. Do you need to be EINSTEIN to tell he wasnt right. That kids mother is at fault for not securing those weapons.My heart bleeds for these families but the nonsense and lies with the guns has to stop.These are political oppotunities being pounced on by politictians.As usual dont fix the real problem(mental health system) take it out on good law abiding people.They better tread lightly i dont think people are gonna stand for this.WE MUST STICK TOGETHER NOW MORE THAN EVER! PS DONT WATCH PIERS MORGAN HE SHOULD BE DEPORTED OR LEAVE(SLIMY BRIT).
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