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Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr View Post
I have personally had the buttstock shortened on a couple of my Deer rifles. In MN it gets really cold some years during the opener. We then wear a bunch of layers to keep warm, and a rifle that was a perfect fit with just a tee-shirt suddenly is to long opening morning. I am always looking for a rifle that fits, with a scope mounted in the right place, equiped with a clean trigger. Yes that is alot to ask for but I am willing to keep working on a rifle until it meets those requirements. A wealthy person just orders out a custom rifle.

Good point. I have done all sorts of aftermarket work on my rifles to make them fit and shoot better: shortened stocks and installed recoil pads, installed Timney triggers, muzzle brakes, lowered scope rings/mounts, put weights in stock, added cheek piece, etc. This not only has improved my shooting, but makes the rifle feel more personal, AND has been both a learning experience and fun.
Karl, I know what you are talking about because here, in Montana, just like in MN, a rifle stock can get awfully long on those frigid fall days when a hunter has to wear lots of clothes just to survive.
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