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If I were you I'd do one of two things...

1. wait till August and plant a large turnip bed


2. In spring plant soybeans (which will last long into fall and even winter)

With the soybeans, it's been my experience that deer will eat the flowerings and even leaves and young beans during the summer but typically just around the edge of the field. Hunting over this during early season and even late season would be beneficial to you.

With the turnips, you're going to have to be patient. Yes, they will eat the leaves and steams of the turnip (typically after the first frost) but they will absolutely tear up the bulbs towards late season (they'll actually dig them out of the ground).

If you are looking to hunt early to mid season, I'd go with soybeans. If you are more of a late-season hunter I'd go with turnips.

Good luck man!

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