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OK, on the topic of "too much gun"
The legendary hunter/writer, Elmer Keith used to say that there's no such thing as too much gun. He was right, to a point. Elmer wanted a round that could shoot through any game animal lengthwise if it had to. Without getting into the anatomy and/or ethics of that concept, he probably had a point in thinking that his belief required a heavy, large caliber bullet. He was right because in his day that's all that could do an end-to-end penetration on a big game animal. Not so today. The newer bullets are contstructed for maximum penetration and expansion without breaking up while retaining maximum weight retention. They are accurate and, in the small to medium calibers, can be very flat shooting. Here is an example: A wildcat, .257, "Hot Tamale" with a 100 grain Barnes bullet completely penetrated both shoulders of a 2000+ pound bison bull and dropped it on the spot. Even Elmer would have been impressed.
That 45-70 you are shooting is deadly and has killed just about every animal in the world, and it's one that Elmer would have loved, but if it is intimidating you ever time you pull the trigger, you may be subjecting your self to a lot of unneccesary punishment. In one of your videos (very well done, by the way) you mentioned that you have a 30/06. That's plenty of medicine for a moose or any othet big game. You might consider it for your hunting as it is more accurate and flat shooting than the 45-70 with less recoil, and the 165 or 180 grain solid copper or other premium bullets that are now available will be more than capable of knocking the moose (but not you) flat. Good luck with your plans.
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