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Made a rookie mistake!

I made a rookie mistake today while deer hunting. I don't consider myself a rookie since I have put 14 deer on the ground in the last seven seasons with 14 shots. And I have watched hundreds of deer while deer hunting.

I first spotted him on the wrong side of the fence. He looked like an eight pointer. In a few minutes he jumped to my side. It was a 200 yard shot (I have the range marked at every 50 yards with markers on the fence posts). He was partially obscured by brush but the vital area was exposed. It was a do able shot. I have a solid rest in my shooting house and have a Nikon Buckmasters 3-9x40 on my '06. I decided to wait for a better shot. Wrong decision! He faded into the brush and I never saw him again.

Moral of this story? If you get a do able shot on a nice buck, you better take it. The big bucks don't get that way by giving hunters easy shots.

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