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I'm no expert in soils and brands of seed, but I do have some suggestions for you and a question.

First off, why are you wanting to plant a food plot in spring? Are you looking to capitalize off of it in early deer season? One thing I might caution you about is with a small food plot, it may be all gone by the time your hunting season rolls around.

If you are wanting to use this plot for more early to mid-season hunting, I would suggest planting in early August and maybe try out some turnips, oats, or brassica's (sp?) Even clover would be good for them.

If you are wanting to use this plot for more late season hunting, then I would strongly suggest something like turnips, corn, or beans.

I know there are other things to plant but here in Missouri, I keep it simple. The only thing I plant at all is turnips and I do this in early to mid-august. Right now, with 5 inches of snow on the ground the deer are tearing up my plots to get to those turnip bulbs. They'll eat the leaves from Nov-Dec and then when it starts freezing they'll start digging them up to get to those bulbs.

Good luck to you, I know I didn't help you out with the specifics, but let me know if I can help in any way!

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