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Bass Pro and Cabelas both sell recurve bows in your price range, just don't go too short as this really puts finger pinch into play due to the angle of the string. 58-62" makes for a good shooting bow. Make sure you know your draw length as it most likely would be slightly different than a compound bow. Also, don't go heavy on the draw weight as the recurve bow builds weight as you draw. 45-50 lb draw is plenty for deer hunting. If you can easily draw a bit more that's fine too. It takes a pretty stout person to draw 60 lb and shoot it well. My advice, go to Bass Pro and get your draw length measured then pick a nice bow that you feel comfortable with. The worst thing to do is buy without knowing what you can shoot, draw length & draw weight. I have purchased from Three Rivers supply in the past and they are good folks. You just need to know your specifics before you purchase on line. When I shot recurve bows I had a 31" draw length, with my compound bow I shoot 29". Good luck on your purchase.
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