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Originally Posted by timberghost View Post
Talked with the insurance guy and the company installation guy and they were impressed how I saved the truck but even though I am at at no fault I still feel like it is a bad impression on me because all drivers are responsible for the safe operation/control of their vehicle as a normal class D license holder. Class A drivers are held to a higher standard due to the magnatude of vehicles/equipment being used. Every trip I take I do all I can to make certain everything is safe to the best of my ability........I just keep thinking what if there was a car in the oncoming lane when that trailer went into that lane....little kids, new parents, gramma n grampa etc, school bus. It weighs on me the more I think about it especially arounf this time of year.
Im with ya bro. I hauled heavy equiptment for the compant I worked for for 10 years. Had a few close calls,but never nothing like that. The worse one was some old lady pulled out in front of me.And I was double loaded. all I could think of was about the loader I was haulin was coming thru the back of the cab. But by GODS great grace,cuz I dont know how I did it. I kept from running over the old lady,was in both lanes and when I got it stopped I was facing the way I was coming from in the ditch on the oppisite side. And NO body got hurt. And the old lady just kept on down the road

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