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The right thing to do is to end the misery. Then let mother nature take its course with the critters. I have shot deer and two days later have had bucks walking over the blood trail and it not bother them. Its an ethical thing. Last Saturday my son now 35 saw a deer coming towards him with an arrow facing from front to back lodging in the rear ham and a cantaloupe size bump on it. We were hunting a very nice 10 pointer on a small 35 acre parcel when this happened. When we met after the hunt my son told me what happened and that he shot the deer to end the misery. After examining the deer a bow hunter had taken one of the worst angle shots ever and the deer was in pain ever since. I am very proud of my son for ending the agony of this deer and we are still hunting the ten pointer post rut and if no shots we will shed hunt him and return next year to hopefully be successful.
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