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Thanks for the advice

Thank you all (y'all) for the advice......I have to add both versions of the greeting to make sure I didn't miss anyone from all parts of the Union!

I sorta guessed it would be better to back down and sell the lease rather than escalate.........boy did I want to escalate! (Military training again).

Well since it isn't a real war zone and there are only fellow Americans even though buttheaded and as stubborn as myself, I'll take the advice and try to sell it back to them with the extra amount added to cover investments in time and trouble so far. Too bad so many hunters that try to settle back in after serving their country get to see the bad side of the people we served and protected their freedom for twenty plus years!
I didn't know all of the tricks to taint or ruin someone's deer stand until now.....and no as a good sportsman I wouldn't do those things to another American.
I'm signing off to this post ...Thanks again for the advice and I respect those who have been there and done that in the deer lease conflicts you never wanted or thought you would be caught in.
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