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I have several TC BP rifles but have no knowledge of the impact model. I would imagine that it should be a great starter rifle for anyone including wife and kids. The Fire Hawk, Triumph, Omega, and PA Hunter I have are all top quality as one would expect from TC. For kids I'd start with something like 70 grains of loose powder, I prefer Black Horn. I do not use or like pellets. As long as the accuracy of the rifle is good, this should be plenty to harvest deer. I'm glad that most here realize that modifications to firearms can be dangerous and may in fact void any warranty coverage for damage or liability issues. I'm not going to trash CVA nor any other ML maker. I lean more to TC products because over the last 25 years or so they have provided me with quality products for the money. Traditions has come a long way lately and I like the look/feel of their top models.
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