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I would just send it to CVA under warranty if you think it needs repaired or adjusted as others have said just be safe. Hillbillie gunsmithing sorry but that's funny I'm a Thompson Center arms co fan myself not so much of a CVA fan. When you said that I just got a image of a Spanish Hillbillie stuck in my head due to the guns coming from Spain with a hammer a 4x4 of american cedar wood 2 nails & a tube of epoxy I really hope they are not building em this way but yeah in todays world who knows. Hope you get it all worked out.

Just my .02 cents but CVA contradicting itself is quite often. For legit as it can get look to a Co based in the usa that make the guns here. TC Knight Savage are just a few. There lower end models most always outperform the high end imports. Bruce & Hunting man give sound advice & are very knowledgeable. I respect them for caring about the sport & safety of others. Happy hunting & Live to Hunt another day. MWP
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