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We have tolerated a lot of posts involving risky content by FG, this type of post from him isn't anything new but has finally gone too far.
He has been spoken to in the past about making posts regarding tampering/altering weapons in a way that could cause harm to others and as anyone can clearly see from his own words,
he said; "if you adjust it to much and slam the gun shut, it will in fact go off"

These sort of posts can no longer be tolerated thus my reason for banning him. But I guess he seems to think I just wanted to abuse the powers of a moderator but if that were the case
I would have banned him LONG before now yet I still want to emphasize that if or when someone posts a question that could require an adjustment or altercation,
the best advice any of us can offer would be to refer them back to the company that manufactured that weapon.
I think it's important to let the manufacturer decide which adjustments or aletercations would be safe to perform.

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