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We have discussed, in the recent past, that certain modifications to firearms puts one's self in great danger. I really do not understand statements like if you shim too far the gun will fire upon closing! CVA or any other maker simply has to fix under warranty any issues with their products. My TC Triumph will not close the action when using Winchester primers. CCI and Remington are fine. So I do not machine the breach plug or anything to alter the gun just use what is safe to use. FG does a lot of shooting of muzzleloaders, and knows CVA products, his experiments are his only and should not be followed by readers of this site. I wonder what would happen, in a court of law, following a liability injury lawsuit, stemming from the altering of a firearm from information gathered on a web site, who would be held liable? Is CVA condoning the shimming, even supplying the shims or o-rings and a mishap occurs, I wouldn't want to defend them in a court. First question: did you know there was a problem, second question, why didn't you do a full recall and fix the problem. Third question: How do you wish to make payments, monthly, quarterly, one lump sum? Folks, the simple answer is jerry rig a firearm too many bad things can happen.
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