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Originally Posted by Greg44 View Post
Haven't tried that either but we went everywhere we thought he could be I don't think he could have went much farther, but where he was standing behind that beach tree there wasn't any blood??

The #1 thing I've learned about deer hunting is that when looking for a deer, he/she is almost ALWAYS in a place where you least expect it. Remember, when they are mortally wounded they are going to look for cover. Check the thick stuff- check the brush areas. If you have creeks, check the exposed roots of trees in the banks (i've found a few deer that have crawled up in the root system of trees!) DO NOT underestimate the ability of a deer. Sometimes deer can travel up to a mile or more when hit. My guess is, if you have found NO blood what so ever, then you missed him. I personally have shot at deer and they have acted like they've been hit, but they actually just "jumped" at the sound and they'll run off and there'll be no blood.
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