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Originally Posted by Wayne Walker View Post
Not sure if this is how it works (new here), but; deer question. If a dominant buck of a particular area is killed, will another buck assume that area? Yes Found incredible rubs and scrapes yesterday that look very fresh, but I fear someone may have taken him before I got there. I just found them yesterday around noon while scouting (a WMA) so got in a tree as fast as i could; didnt see anything. I know I only sat yesterday afternoon, but time is precious at the WMA because you can only hunt there Sat and Sun! Any help would be great!
All bucks make rubs and scrapes not just the dominant bucks. your area sounds like a good area with ongoing rutting activity,
I would suggest getting back in your stand and be patient, one of them bucks might slip up and wander in for a shot. Good Luck

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