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My dad shot a 150 9 point which he thought was a pocket rocket. The deer fell rolled down the hill from his tree stand to mine. The deer layed in the road finally lowering his head like he was dead. After two mins of watching him he sprang back to life and ran past me. We gave it 20 mins because the rain was coming and track him 300 yards to where he was standing behind a hill and a beach tree. We kept a light on him as it appeared his right front leg was not functioning well. The deer tried to go up the hill 3 times finally making it. The washed blood away and now we are stuck. We hunt in a valley field in a old reclaim spot. The blood had bubbles in it. The deer could have went up on got on a high wall that leads a long ways around or , went back left to where he got shot at, or could have went straight up the hill. Please help I hate that the deer may not be recovered and go to waste. Ps we searched high low about everywhere we could get to. Please help
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