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Well good she is still shooting that's all that counts. She just looks uncomfortable with that gun in my opinion. Maybe next time start a bit lower on charges for a 1st timer a mag load in the muzzy has some kick most guys don't care to load bh209 to 120g limit kicks like a mule. Hows the sled reducing that much recoil with no weights? From the vid it looked to have some real deal magnum recoil coming back on her. If I remember right BH209 a load of 80g would be a standard hunting load above that would be mag load with a cap of 120g as recommended by the powder mfg shooting 100 to 110 is going to kick. even more so with a heavy bullet don't see many shooting that much powder without a sled cuz they cant accurately shoot that load without or want to
I stick to what I can shoot with accuracy as far as powder charge goes & trust me bh209 80g powder load is more then enough to take game at 150 to 200 yards. The sleds wont be in the field with me if I'm lucky I may find a stable front rest for gun. If not I guess it's all off hand no rest. In fact I would like someone with a sled to test my hypothesis & post pics just to see what happens you spend lots of hours at range. Shoulder your gun don't change loads or a thing set just the front of the gun on a solid rest like a tripod try for a grouping I would expect to see shots all over. Now lower powder charge to lets say 90g sight the gun in only using the front rest amazing groups right. Now put the gun in the sled re sight with it get it spot on with that same load of 90 you used off hand then try to fire it with just a front rest no sled. Groups are all over Human error ? Nah I bet you 100$ if you was to sight back in only using a front rest & holding the gun you will get that amazing accuracy far better then the sled ever did.
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