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I tried pellets years ago and knew the first day they are not for me. The BDC on my cross bow is dead nuts for every 10 yds. With the Nikon bdc and having only used the first two seems pretty accurate also. I can't see me shooting anything beyond 150 yds anyway so for me it works. I may re-consider if setting up a $1000.00 rig but for the average ML hunter, I think the BDC line-up have their place. I still laugh when someone tells me there is no difference between pellets and loose powders like Black Horn and then have them shoot both that's when they realize there is a whole lot of difference. When my son was shooting pellets at age 14, I had him try loose powder which sent him back to the truck not wanting to shoot anymore. So for youth or those with recoil issues pellets may have a place.
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