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It looks like the trigger guard got the finger sled moved back a bit was not in the shoulder so it jumped up & back. Along with the improper cheek weld due to using the sled it is not allowing this & the I'm guessing heavy load hints need for sled in first place. Tho some guns just kick hard to start with not saying yours is one of them. This is why I don't use one it won't shoot the same off hand after sighting in with a sled all you need is a solid front rest to sight in. I would have warned about scope eye danger as it looks you did she was staying well clear of the scope. Let her shoot it off-hand make sure posture & eye relief is correct no mechanical contraption to reduce recoil is a good sub for proper stance grip posture its not natural bad things happen when recoil meets a brick wall unlike a soft shoulder. Lighten up the load if this is her first experience with a .50cal that's what I would do. In fact for a young hunter I would start with a .22 teach them how to use it properly any shooter would benefit from this new or not . Teach them how to hold & shoot it along with proper trigger control not jerking it then move on to the bigger stuff. Every good marksman will tell you a .22 will make you a better shot & better prepare you to shoot a real rifle. With little recoil cheap to shoot & fun once they can shoot a .22 accurately and properly hold it they will have a heads up on the bigger stuff & hold it the right way right from the start. To many kids scared off with bad experiences IMHO sleds add to this number. I have been shooting from the age of 8 & every time I use a sled it is a bad experience most in the rifle club i'm in agree that. It introduces a unnatural sight pic due to cheek weld is different when in sled as compared to shouldering the gun & recoil. Your body should absorb the recoil if it's to much to handle lower the load or check your posture - gun fit. A led sled just stops recoil like a brick wall & adds length of pull & unnatural cheek weld. She was probably pushing cheek into stock to be able to see into the scope. Glad to hear that it did not scare her off & she is still willing to shoot. Just my .02 cents
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