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FG yeah you should start a new topic for accuracy I plan on making a video of TC groups at range soon as hunting season ends. Groups are same hole with very little staggering up or down sub moa left or right movement. I'll have to get some more speed loaders don't want vid to be to long will be shooting off sandbags may do better in a sled but sub moa is good for me at 100 yards. Gun brands aside that scope you got HM is a dandy I own the same scope it is definitely worth the price. Very clear and tough as nails. I have run mine over by mistake with a truck blown it off the H&R 12 GA Ultralight slug gun. Not heavy barrel soldered on scope rail was still with the scope & prw rings. That gun kicked so hard... I would not recommend that gun never seen a scope rail attached to a barrel in such a way. The scope after all this in my mind is nothing short of amazing still holds zero. I will never need to buy another scope for my muzzleloader or slug gun if i still owned one that is. Lifetime warranty is a big plus very comprehensive also thought I may have to use it a few times but boy was I wrong.
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