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Working on a flinch....

The best way to fix a shooter flinch is to never develope one to begin with. It is to late for that so option 2 it to overcome it. I always ask a shooter shooting at the range that is jerking the trigger in antisipation of recoil to CALL the shot. The crosshairs are never totally without some motion. The shooter if he/she really focuses on them will see a slight movement up down right left. At the instant of the rifle firing the shooter should be able to immediately call exactly where the cross hair was at the shot. If they can't they were antisipately recoil and closed their eyes for an instant. A light trigger is a real help with this because they don't have to pull hard just begin to press and it will go off as a surprise. With a bad flinch switch to a 22 rimfire until the flinch is overcome. I really like bringing a 22 rimfire to the range along with my Deer rifle. If I notice that I am starting to get sloppy or start to antisipate recoil I switch to the rimfire until I remember what I should be doing...

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