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My First Bear!

Figured I would share, so excited!

I had only been to this place once before, and been stalked by a bear. I don't know if it was curious or what but I didn't like it. I'm so scared of bears it is unreal! I had seen deer in the area as well so I decided to try again, just not as far back in the woods. I hunt on the ground, no stands, so I posted up at the top of the ridge 40yds from a well used deer trail. I had only been seated 30 mins or so when I heard something crashing through the laurels at the bottom. I thought it might be a nice buck so I clicked my safety off and readied my Marlin 30/30. My heart stopped when it stepped into the open and was not a big buck but a black bear... I knew it was also bear season as well so I took aim and apparently squeezed off the perfect shot (which I didn't know at the time). The bear ran back into the laurels and everything was silent except the pounding of my heart. After only a few seconds the silence was broken by the bears death cry. I thought I had just Pissed it off... Everything was quiet again after its final sigh but I was still too scared to move lol! I finally got the courage to walk down and sure enough the bear was laying 15yds inside the laurels! It was a female, no cubs, about 2-3 years old and weighed around 200 lbs. Field dressing revealed I had made a perfect heart shot! I had the meat processed and tried it, love it! I really can't tell the difference between bear and beef lol I want to get it mounted but not sure what pose would be best? I'll put a pic in my gallery, thanks for reading lol!
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