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all the discussions on the different brands, to be quite honest, every one that I have ever own have shot better than I am. Some were sub 1" at 100 yds some were just 1". For production ml'ders off the shelf one cannot expect anymore. I do not own a new CVA in-line but I would expect virtually no difference to the Traditions, and TC rifles I do own. The debate will go on forever but it comes down to one's own preference or budget. I will always lean towards TC products but wouldn't turn down a good buy on CVA, Traditions, or TC rifles. Currently my son has taken a liking to the Tradition's rifle that I bought the son-in-law, who has yet to shoot it. I think he has retired my TC Firehawk. The Omega and Triumph are hands off for him. I paid $179.00 for that Firehawk brand new many years ago and it will shoot with the best of today's rifles. It has always been a sub 1" shooter @ 100 yds and an easy loader. The Triumph well it loads really tough but shoots and handles well. I put a leupold 3x9x40 on it. It has that perfect feel to it.
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