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CVA, Traditions even the older knights and TC's allow for a wide variety of primers. They dont all come in the same length or width, Some of the encores, omegas can not use certain primers or else the actions will not shut/hammer will not pull back.

If you want to talk about pumping $$ into a product, theres a whole lotta tc encore owners that will show you exactly what big $$ is in order to get their gun to shoot right.

Ive had an omega, it could have used some head spade adjustment with the 777 primers as it was sooty in the action, one reason i sold it, along with a winchester apex. To much trouble to pull apart.

You think TC is the best and I like CVA. No winners or losers, just happy customer with what ever gun we like best.

What kind of groups does your omega shoot? I guess we should make a new topic for this lol.
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