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Too Much Gun?

After my most recent trip to the firing range to get a feel for the 45-70, after having owned and fired a 30-30 on numerous occasions, I noted that at the last mili-second, when I squeeze the trigger on it, I close my eyes.

The kick is definitely stronger (after all, its 300+ grains worth) than the 30-30.

I'll need a gun with this caliber for Moose, but I am tempted to say it is too much gun for "me."

For those who have been watching what I post in here, you know that I'm not "new" to guns, but I AM new to hunting, and am planning my first hunt in 2013. This gives me time to get familiar, comfortable and accurate with the 45-70, before entering the woods.

That said, are there any pointers you could offer, that would help me with the anticipation of the kick, control of the high caliber gun I'm shooting, and avoiding the temptation to close my eyes (lol).

Also, for those of you who are watching them, I'm up to my 5th video (in progress) in my chronicling of my journey to my first hunt. The next one due out soon, is about the gear choices I've made.

Here's the first video in the series:
So You Want To Be A Hunter, Part 1 - YouTube


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