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CVA does in fact test well over 25k, just not every barrel gets tested, same as the other American muzzleloading companies. TC/knight "GM" Actually dont even test all of their barrels. No barrel Manf. will tell you what they test to the max due to some bubba going, hey i can shoot smokeless once i figger out how much powder is safe to use!

Gunsmith we went to recently said the maximum barrel thickness you can drill to is .025" Someone "bubba he called him lol" thought, hey if thats as much as you can go, im going to flute a barrel to this max and get it nice and light! The guy actually did it for a customer, the customer shot it and the barrel exploded taking off his left hand and part of his face. He lived and sued, but in the end, no insurance, no home, basically got nothing for the encounter.

And yes you are right, the wakeman article has zero credibility in my eyes.
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