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Originally Posted by Gilliland440 View Post
You are correct we did not take the meat of this bear. The brown bears here in Alaska are not fit for eating in the fall season. They have a diet that consist almost entirely on fish. This makes their meat very greasy and fishy smelling as well as tasting. I would compare it to eating a duck that eats fish such as a Merganser to a Mallard. We did notify the locals of its whereabouts therefore if they wanted to take any of the meat or organs it was available.

I will attempt to downsize one of the photos so it will post.

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This is not what I've heard, as a matter of fact it's the opposite from what I've been told by two different outfitters...,
Brown Bear meat is supposed to be best in the fall because the spring Bear meat is more parasitic after long hibernations.
Both outfitters I asked also said whether it's fall or a spring kill the meat is always greasy & gamey tasting but a fall kill always produces better meat.
I enjoyed the video but I have to say now knowing that the meat was left behind I'm not so excited seeing this hunt,
I'm sure there would have been a way to get the meat to somone in need rather than just leave it, Especially knowing you had quads to haul it out with.
well that's my opinion and I hope others dont make the same choice on their Brown bear hunts.
Good Luck

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