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Originally Posted by ronn View Post
didn't say give the gun to a kid. i said in turn do a good thing like get a kid started in hunting that normally maybe wouldn't hunt.

yup like i said, bought a cva had a bad experience with them and i pass that info on. others may disagree but that doesn't change my experience or opinion.
I agree I would not give that gun to a kid. The recoil may ruin or ward off ever shooting again. Unless they want to hunt from a led sled. Or a really light load. I never use a sled to sight in a gun just a front rest be it sand bags or so on. I could sight in with a sled then pick up the gun shoulder it & be way off target. Adding that extra lop from the sleds recoil reduction butt stock holder & awkward cheek weld compared to shouldering the gun can effect accuracy in the field big time.
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