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I have used a 270 for over ten years now and have put many deer down fast with it. The biggest issue I have with 130 gr is it leaves a realy small entry n exit hole. This has been an issue before because the deer usually don't start to leave blood for 20 to 30 yards from impact point. For example I shot a 180 lbs buck 3 years ago and knew I made a great shot on him, I climb down out of the tree about 45 mins after the shot n look for blood. I did not find any blood for about 20 yards from we're he was shot, then it was like fallowing a trail of someone slowly pouring out liquid from a bottle. I tracked that trail 150yards up hill n then another 150 yards down hill quartering back down n there he lay at almost 300 yards from impact. Now ya thinking bad hit well after field dressing this deer I found my shot went through the top of the left lung put a burn on the heart n went through the right lung about 3/4's down. Yep 300 yards!!! I never ever would had belived it if I didn't do it myself n had my dad there when tracking n field dressing. I have now switched to 150 grain just for a bigger hole. Since I've moved to 150 gr every deer I've shot since, if they didn't drop I got blood within 10 yards. Now I only chest ( heart) shoot nice bucks all other deer I just head shoot n they just drop like a sack of taters. But if them racks wold get even just alittle chewy I'd shoot them in the head too. I like eating the hearts n liver from my deer too.
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