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Sorry I never open varmint page.
One, early morning has always been better for me but late evening is good too. They sleep all day and when they get up to the time they den back up they are mostly food hunting, this is why early morning has worked best for me because the hungry yote that couldn't find food is a little easier to fool, they will always check it out. (I have electric call but never use it, I only like my rabbit destress mouth call)
A moving decoy works well and it a great way to help get the focus off you. If you can set up with the decoy between you n the yote,
Hunting with two people is even better. Having a shooter and a caller far apart with the shooter between the caller n the yote.
Yotes smell reay well, they can pin point you 300 yards away, so a dollar tub of chicken liver about 20 yards away from you is a cheap n good cover scent.
Fleshing one out is pretty easy, will get faster the more you do. A tail stripper is a must.
243 is most common for yote's but if your wanting to sell pelts trapping is best Because no holes in the pelt sell a few bucks higher. Around here yotes sold last year from 17 to 28 bucks each at the fur sale in town.
Hope that gives ya a good starting point there mr Tator
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