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That's funny that you should start this post... My wife and I started watching this show about 2 weeks ago and have been trying to "catch up" by DVRing the old shows.

I like it for 2 reasons, it's funny and it's clean. There are NO cussing whatsoever. IN fact, after watching 20+episodes last night I heard my FIRST **BEEP** on the show. It was on the show where Jase and the guys plug the loading dock hole and make a duck pond. Willie says "A$$" and they bleaped it out--- I think that was the word. But comon', every other show is saying the B word and bleaping out the F word (which they might as well say b/c even little kids know what they are saying). I hate when they use A-hole and say S O B fully. Of course I also hate when shows say GD.

Duck Dynasty guys are Christian guys. THey live for the Lord God Almighty. Plus, ending every show with a prayer around a dinner table is about at AMERICAN as you can get!

James 1:2-8
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