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OP............ the 130 grain bullet in the .270 will work just fine for deer and you will have no problems at the distances you are talking about, in fact it will get the job done quite a bit further than that. Any of the rounds you listed are OK but you do not need 150's for deer.

Some ardent .270 users have gone with the 140 grain bullets and use it for everything. Bullet construction is really the big thing. If you are shooting Barnes TSX or TTSX (and yes they are available in factory loads) you can pretty much do anything with the 130's due to their mono-metal construction, but they really are not needed for most deer hunting and a plethora of different bullets will work for deer.

For years I used the 130 grain Nosler Partition and I shot a lot of game with it, including a lot of deer, antelope, black bear, grizzly, elk, moose, caribou and sheep. If you use a bullet that will stick together and put it in the right place the .270 will make things happen. It would not be my first choice for elk, moose or grizzly, but when it was what I had in my hands I did not hesitate to use it.

It is a great cartridge for deer, sheep, antelope and caribou.
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