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Are you counting clicks or adjusting to point of impact? I would try different sabots using one to loose will mess with accuracy big time. The shock waves bullets come supplied with a hph-24 if I remember right. Try a tighter fitting hph-12 sabot. If you are crushing pellets that could be your problem also. Shoot it for accuracy at 100 yards with different bullet sabot powder combos 3 shot groups each. If all fails test the scope with a mirror. Set desired zoom then use a hand held mirror to cover the scopes objective lens hold it flat on that end of the scope. Look into the scope you should see to sets of cross hairs one center one not may be high low left or right of center set. Remember the location of the set that's not center make sure your eye is center of the scope also looking at the center set of cross hairs. Remove mirror do not adjust zoom as it will change the location of the 2 sets of cross hairs. Fire a shot or 2 then check with mirror if the uncentered set of cross hairs have moved the scope is bad. You can also use this to optically zero your scope by adjusting scope to make both seen sets of cross hairs one set. This yields the maximum adjustment available up down left or right on all turrets. Hope you get it worked out GL HF MWP
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