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Evolution Features
• 24” Fluted Barrel with
Premium CeraKote Finish
• Speed Load System–easy loading and more consistent groups
• Includes three ignitions–
#11, musket and 209
• Smooth glide bolt action
• 1:28” twist rifling
• Williams™ fiber optic metal sights

Traditions plinkers sight in bullets 100% lead bullet that's the problem. Just loading that bullet can deform it ez changing accuracy big time. Lead also pans out like a dish-plate in flight wind can move it big time even a slight wind. Lead also expands in barrel of gun. Hornady sst 250 is a jacketed lead core bullet will not expand in barrel & it's sabot is a super glide you should be using a tighter sabot like hph-12. If I had to guess your guns bore diameter is around .5015 -.5025 or larger.

Using such different bullets with such different sabots I can see whats wrong here & at what yardage you are shooting at will effect this big time with that 100% lead plinker bullet. I would grab some hph-12 50 cal sabots & 250g .451 long bullets. Like HM said use the same ammo to sight in as you plan to hunt with. GL MWP

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