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Jay, thats due to the average joes that know it all when they get their first muzzle loader. I've helped thousands of people either by phone, forum, email and to have some one come in here and tell you that you dont know what you are doing because they've done their own research, well that just rubs you the wrong way.

All you have to do it just watch some videos by those kind who think they know what they are doing and the picture is pretty clear. Especially when they refer to something as a "Thingy"on as muzzleloader.

Midwest, Last year I put just a little over 5,000 shots through 3 muzzle loaders, My guess is you haven't touched that amount with .22 rounds with that Marlin of yours?

Rich? I wish, my 92 isuzu rodeo is gettin a little beat up these days, but i love that thing to death! You don't have to be a Rich man to shoot a CVA or any other gun thats on todays market.
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