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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Is that a attack on a non member? Why would a moderator remove me because I have a differing opinion then yours ? No one likes a dictator. I like a good debate with cold hard facts if you can provide a civilized debate with factual information & sway my Opinion I would gladly admit I'm wrong.

P.S. I have made many friends here many that are fans of tc knight & other reputable inline muzzleloader manufacturers. I think I stated in my last post I was not here to cause trouble. I do however have freedom like the rest of us to my own opinion. If that causes CVA trouble well hey what can I say but how it would cause you trouble I'm at a bit of a loss to answer that question. Your videos on youtube I do not like them just my opinion. You posted them online so you should of expected some criticism & differing opinions. They are public record after all. I just can't see loading a non inline cva hawken 50 cal with bh209 safe it tells you not to right on bh209 website under FAQ I think it is reckless & unsafe. I would not take advice from a person that would do such reckless & unsafe things again just my opinion that's sound advice you can bank on. here is the video I'm talking about CVA Hawken .50 Shooting Blackhorn209 - YouTube It may of withstood what you did with it but I would not repeat it the powder manufacturer puts this info out there for a reason. For inline type sealed ignition 209 guns only or BP cartridge. Just another fun fact for tc guys out there The Thompson Center Omega 50 cal was the test gun used for Blackhorn 209 powder.
My test with the cva hawken and BH209 was given the thumbs up prior to me shooting and making the video. BH209 creates less pressure than T7 and Western powders had no problems at all with the test since the booster charge was so small.

I have shot a good 30-35 LBS of BH209 and have been muzzleloading since i was 14 years old. From what i have seen, it looks to me as if you are just starting out at muzzle loading. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes what you type can lead to trouble, especially when you falsely accuse someone of working for a company. I've owned well over 40 muzzleloaders since i was 14, CVA's do the job the best for me and over the years ive put together a book of knowledge in my head that i share when someone is in need. I have even designed the cure for the powerbelts blowing up.... Of course getting anyone to listen or make the change is an incredibly hard feat to do when you are just a little guy in the muzzleloading world. After all, those high paid engineers know best, right?
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