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Sidelock project

A couple months ago i picked this up on ebay. I had that darn itch for a sidelock again, ive done plenty of lyman great plains rifle kits and so i wanted bigger.

Picked up a cva hawken stock with 1" barrel channel. Uh huh you all remember the cva mountain rifle correct? Whats the biggest caliber it was offered in you say? 58cal!

It will take some custom work such as relocating a new dovetail for the barrel under lug but thats easy enough to do. Deer Creek still has plenty of the 32" 58cal 1:72 twist Douglas barrels cva used to use on the old mt rifles and so for $85 + shipping, I should be the first to own a 58cal cva hawken.

A heck of a lot lighter than the GPR but the hawken stock will need quite a bit of reshaping and spicing up. As for color? Not yet sure on the stain.
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