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Another one on the table

A member off another forum sent me his V2 to work on after seeing the last one in the videos. This one was nasty! Not sure what grease it was coated in, but I wouldn't use that stuff again Robert! Cleaned it all off the barrel and insides, Breech plug cleaned inside and out, Coated the barrel with RIG + P for rust protection, frame was stripped and blown out clean, re-oiled, firing pin bushing was corrected and shimmed out for .005" primer crush fit. After a few hours i used some dry graphite and dribbled it down into the inners where the hammer and sear meet up. Bore got 75 strokes of JB Bore Paste.

Cleaned all the grease off the scope mounts and followed up with Blue Loctite on the mount screws and snugged them down onto barrel and then mounted the Bushnell Trophy XLT.

I seriously have a solid 3 1/2 hours into the rifle after all the cleaning & mounting the scope.

Now the only thing to do is get some charges loaded up for tomorrow and sight in the scope and then see if I can get Roberts 250gr Barnes TMZ's to fly straight and tight.

We will see how she does tomorrow. I never shot the Barnes sabots before so I will test those with 110gr BH209 as thats what the CVA guns with sabots seem to do like best.

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