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Attack on a member ? No I just stated the obvious your channel your gun your shirt your equipment all have CVA posted on it in big bold print. You even sprung for the extra decals on butt-stock of gun. 140 class B&C you claim really? Your not paid to push - advertise for em. All I stated was your opinion was not a unbiased one but that's my opinion & explanation of how I come to it. As for CVA I think they suck are unsafe & a shame they are still allowed to sell guns in the USA with such a bad history & current one. Again my opinion. Sorry if I offended you or if you misinterpreted the phrase I used. Attack on you hardly I guess some people are different & take things different ways again sorry. If you have some cold hard facts you can link to in CVA brands favor by all means proceed. Facts are the only thing that sway my opinion & you seem to care much of what I think as you are effected by much of what I say in some way. I do this because I care & would hate to see a kid blown to bits with a gun that has done this in the past & highly likely to do it today the information & how they get away with this is out there I blast it along with many others all over the net for that reason & it alone. You could say they pay me or I get some kinda perk but I think most can see from my videos I'm a consumer. Might be one the guys in stores no one ever want to help but hey that's there job to help the consumer :) I will state it tho no I do not get paid for this or have any affiliation with Thompson Center arms Co I just bought a gun from them that's all. Randy Wakeman has been a CVA fallback for years soon as a consumer says anything bad about CVA they blame him. See my videos I'm not him along with many others blasting the same info. Consumers have a brain to about time CVA learned this another year or so it will be all over for them anyways. The us international trade commission will see to that.
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