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Unusual deer sighting...

I had a strange deer sighting over the weekend I thought I would share. I was watching my kiddos at the house while my wife was out. i have three little boys that are very noisy most of the time, so when my phone starts to ring I run out onto the back patio to answer it. When I stepped out to answer a call I heard some rapid footfall in the canyon directly behind the house. Since it is not rare to see a doe down there I didnt think much of it, but after ending the call I went to investigate. As I approached the edge I could see some deer. There were 4 does down there messing around. As I watched them two of the does chased each other around and then stood on their back legs and had a boxing match. That was pretty cool, but as I watched them I caught movement off to the edge of the thick timber just about 50 yards away. A buck...a BIG buck. I was stuck there just standing in my plain clothes with no weapon watching the only buck I have ever seen that I know was a record book buck. The does continued to spar for a while then made their way down the canyon out of sight. The buck followed shortly after. I just stood there in amazement watching the giant disappear around the bend in the canyon. What an awesome deer! And to see it within 100 yards of my back patio! Even better! Looks like I have a short walk to my newest bow stand for the rest of the year.

John Eitzen
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