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The field reports and actual experience with my group, discard the Rage 3 blades and use the 2 blade if you want to use the Rage line. I prefer the Muzzy MX3 in 100 gr. 5 deer shot this year all recovered and all pass throughs. Patience for the correct ethical shot is something that all hunters must adopt. You cannot simply take a bad shot and hope for the best. Even when presented with a broadside or 1/4ering away bad things can sometimes happen. If the best shot isn't presented then simply pass and hunt another day. This is mostly for archers. Quartering towards you is a bad shot, can you kill with it yes but many times you will loose the deer because of no exit wound. I like the full broadside shot, a couple inches behind the shoulder from a ladder stand. This is a high/low double lung shot in which the deer expires very quickly leaving a quality blood trail. I agree with the general statement that: most broad head designs will dispatch a deer when shot through the vitals. I do question statements that archers make like: dropped the deer in it's tracks. In my 40+ years of hunting, that only happens when a spine shot takes place. I've used over 15 broad heads over the years and yet have one that drops them in their tracks.
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