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Talking The truth about

I would recommend Thompson Center or Savage 10ML-II the Savage would be the best inline made to date & only one tested to center fire standards aka SAAMI/ANSI Standards. A true smokeless powder capable ML

I only buy quality items not because my pockets are that deep high price is not always quality. I did my own research for myself & after much of that I found what I was looking for. I found tack driving accuracy out to 100+ yards & a Quality gun that will last for years. I was worried about the reputation of the Co I would buy from solely based on safety of the product. My safety was important to me. I in no way said other inlines are not safe after all safety is the operators number one job only they control what takes place or what they choose to shoot. I ruled out CVA for many reasons they did not offer what I want along with many others that did not meet my high standards & expectations. They put profits first in the past & play dirty today at the expense of others this might interest you In the past the expense was to the customer many life's destroyed or changed forever after using there product.

I would recommend a inline 209 ignition non break action type of gun such as the TC Omega or TC Omega Z5. Why? more accurate. Why? No hinge pin to introduce poi or point of impact change under recoil. This is also why the most accurate rifles have a fixed barrel position & free floated such as a bolt action rifle.

The gun is not imported after manufacture from Spain for sale in USA it's design is overall more accurate down range. It is made of higher quality material be it blued barrel or stainless steel. Why? The steel is imported into the USA & held to US steel grade scale & proofed here under strict rules & regulations. Spain uses a different scale system & proofing system in Spain then imports the finished product for sale in USA. Bergara barrels is in Spain 416 SS in Spain is far different to what we would call 416 SS here at home.

The USA has far more gun makers of small arms then any other place in the world. Far more advanced methods & strict regulation we Americans love red tape. No wonder outsiders only import product never set up shop here no profit in it with all that red tape.

I just take pride in dealing with a reputable company & honest or well as honest as it can get in the arms biz. I also take pride in supporting american jobs here at home with a us based co & workers.

The plus for me in this all the above & quality + Accuracy that will last. The con cost vs features or in other words you pay more for quality but get less features as compared to CVA. As with most guns you get what you pay for. I did not need a free scope or all the other bells n stuff. I needed a born performer tried n true. I have had so many guys try to buy this gun from me it is highly sought after. I will pass it down to my son will never sell it. if you would like to see my full setup check it out. MidwestProwler's channel - YouTube it's under videos.

Use the right stuff your muzzleloader will last 50 years easy unlike a non inline shooting BP or Pyro T7 so on. Breech Plug is another story you will need replaced due to opening of flash hole over time I always keep a few spare. Note on the cva to use blackhorn 209 powder you will need another plug that is not supplied with the gun. BH209 is a game changer go have a look at BH209 home page very clean no shelf life unlike all the other stuff pyro BP t7. Hell the stuff cleans up with oil based solvents the other stuff can only be cleaned with water based. I could see why a gun would not last 50 years in that case. If you do go cva you will need to buy a new plug to use BH209 powder. I would take what FrontierGander has to say with a grain of salt. A fast Google of his screen name (FrontierGander) or FrontierMuzzleloading link here FrontierMuzzleloadin's channel - YouTube add you tube to the end shows his cva agenda now me I'm just a average Joe as you can see on my you tube page. Just keeping em honest. Whatever you go with be safe have fun. Happy hunting.

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