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Go to your farm and home store and buy a 40lb bag of stock salt, and a 40lb bag of trace mineral and then if you want you can get Dicalcium phosphate. Dig a hole or use a tiller like I do and mix up the dirt in about a 6'x6' area. mix in the salt and minerals together. You'll have a good mineral lick now. I don't worry about getting the ratios right, but there are many "recipes" you can use that require more of one thing than the other. just Google it. I have found this works the best even more so than corn- especially in the spring/summer/fall months. Now once late fall and winter hit, they will want corn, corn, corn! they will hit it harder than anything. Try to let the mineral lick stand for 2 weeks or more. Sounds to me like you are frequenting the area too much.

I know when I tried the peanut butter thing, I left it for over 3 weeks and it wasn't till after a week that I got any pics of bucks eating it. Coons sure liked it though! lol
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