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For me all i use is CVA equipment. Its not expensive and for me has worked flawlessly for 18yrs. I currently use a firebolt magnum but am wanting a break action. IMHO the break is the way to go. If i were starting green i would go with a cva wolf. New they are about 225. For powder triple 7 pellets. They clean up with water. Primer system would definately be a 209 shotgun primer. For a projectile i choose powerbelt. Mine are 285gr hp. They are a snap to clean after and there is virtually no plastic streaking in the bore. I definately feel a magnum charge for general purpose is NOT needed. Mine prints 1.75-2" groups at 100yds for 9 shots without cleaning and only opens to 3" past there.

Modern muzzleloading is very simple. To load is 2 pellets then projectile. Firmly seat then score the ram rod at the crown. This will A. let you know if its loaded and B. assure uniform seating. Put a cap on and its ready to fire. To clean remove the breach plug and its an open tube. Brush, patches, a little anti seize on the breach plug threads. 5 minutes and its done.
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