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Update: I had taken the rifle to the firing range yesterday, and my son in law and I shot about 20 rounds thru it.


I did NOT know if the scope had been "bore sighted" by Cabela's or not (they installed the scope for me).


In spite of the "clicks" I put to the scope at the firing range, I deemed them useless until (logically) I had "bore sighted" the scope.

Not knowing exactly how to do this, I searched on YouTube til I found a video about it. The gentleman in the video was showing how this could be done at home.

I set up the target on the back door of my house (inside) and set up my rifle (level front to back, and side to side, and firing pin and ejector pin removed) at the far end of the living room (obviously I had a clear line of sight to the back door), which was almost exactly 25 feet.

I had my wife move the target up and over until one of the bullseyes on the target was in line with the bore of the gun, and mark a clear dark center circle on the target.

Then I focused the scope, and moved the windage and elevation adjusters, until the crosshairs were on the center dot.


Now I need to get BACK to the range and re-check the "fine tuning" of the Scope.

Live-n-Learn, as they say.........


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