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Need opinions on attracting deer

Hey all. Been a while since I've logged on. But I need help. I'm hunting a brand new place since last season. This place has loads of deer but I'm having trouble drawing them into the field. This field was a bean field this past farming season but they caught all the beans and then plowed everything under until they're was absolutely nothing left but dirt. Before they caught the beans, they're was several deer (more then 10) in the field everyday but since they plowed the field, nothing. I threw some wheat and rye grass out about 3-4 weeks ago but not the first seed has sprouted. I even nailed a full peanut butter bottle on a tree, nothing after 1 week. I poured some apple juice on 2 rotten logs. Nothing after 1 week. I'm still and quiet but no luck whatsoever. There's tracks in the field close to my ground blind. I've thought about putting doe urine on a rag and hanging it from a limb. I went through this mess last season and I don't want it to happen again. I've spent too much money on equipment and clothing to have this season go like the last one.
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