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Scorpion is correct it takes the math out of it...

The idea is that you have say a window of 6 inches for your ideal impact area on a Whitetail. If you follow the method of Point Blank Range (PBR) you adjust your scope so that with a hold at the center of the target you will not be higher than 3 inches or lower than 3 inches on the animal from the muzzle to say 275 yards (an example). Each loaded round has a different distance based on its velocity and ballistic coeffent (aero dynamic term for how streamlined it is for holding velocity). You can then check the ballistic tables and it will tell you that for your rifle, firing this bullet, this fast, you want a 100 yard zero of this. For most of us that hunt in timber where a 100 yard shot is long this is unnecessary. It also could cause a miss if you need to carefully place a bullet between branches at say 50 yards.

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